What I will miss next year…

It was obvious from my previous post that last Module was very strategic and therefore strategically busy. I feel somehow guilty that all blog-readers missed a lot of news and things which happened on campus, I will try to recover this flaw with my next posts…

At the same time our MBA program is rolling towards the end, and I decided to make my personal (of course, not full) “inventory list” of things I am going to miss next year, when I leave ESMT.

1. Astonishing view of Berliner Dom from Auditorium II windows
2. MBA Team: now I am really worrying that I can forget to mention all members of our great MBA team, so I am writing just like that – from Admission process to everyday organization of our schedule, support, and help – YOU ARE GREAT!!
3. Professors: their ability to surprise, passion in sharing knowledge and desire to challenge us every day
4. Information Center: just perfect place to be in, thank you!
5. Canteen: it is not “canteen” it is delicious-delicious-delicious cuisine and “mother-like” attention to details
6. Cleaning ladies Cleaning Queens: first people I see on campus in the morning with their cheerful “Guten Morgen!”, meaning that morning is REALLY good
7. My Team = My Classmates = My Colleagues: persistent students, simulation winners, “teammate-tutors” (thank you, Doreen), party fans, football players, Bergfest organizers, carnival lovers, and all-all-all you can see on these photos…


P.S. Special thanks to Adeline, Doreen, Junayd, Ming Li, Gerardo and Mukesh for sharing their nice pictures!

Latino BergFest 2013 (Social Impact Club)

ESMT1Crossing the first hurdle (Module 1) was a relief and it was time to let the hair down. That’s when BergFest came in. BergFest is an occasional event, organized by MBA students, when students and staff of ESMT gather to have fun; fun includes music & dance, food & drinks. Social Impact Club took the initiative to organize 2013’s first BergFest. It was themed ‘Latin’.

The event began with a solo guitar performance (Javier) and dance tutorials (Natalia) in salsa.
Social Impact Club also called for donations and generous people opened their pockets.

Ajat was behind the camera.


The creative process

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“Most people live…few exist” – Oscar Wilde


Just now I had been informed that a new batch started today the full-time MBA program at ESMT.  A group of 50 students – the largest ever and growing.

A warm and dear welcome to all of you.

Today reading the news I had to laugh at this picture posted on the online version of one of Berlin’s newspapers and could not refrain from sharing this with you – our new MBAs – with the hope that you have fun (don’t panic that often), that not many tears flow (cannot guarantee they will not), work hard (this is a must) and be fair (so fairness comes back to you) on those 70+ hours weeks to come.

Looking forward to many bergfests : )


Maria Vázquez

MBA, ESMT Alumna 2008

Source: Tagesspiegel, “Gezettelt in Berlin”, 13.Jan.2013

Our Visit To Springstar

Our MBA life was full of events last week. As part of our MBA program we had a visit plus Master Class at the E.ON, we visited the German Chancellor’s Office, we had a Bergfest and auction for Social Impact Club and we also visited two very interesting companies in Berlin (Zalando and Springstar). Mix all these with MBA classes, group works and UEFA EURO 2012 and you have a nice picture of how our last week looked like.


Here I would like to share my experience and impressions of one of our company visits – Springstar. I and my classmates had a choice to visit Springstar or Zalando. I chose Springstar as I was and am interested in Internet startups and wanted to see the people working in that kind of business and get some insights. I will not exaggerate to say that our visit was awesome. We had a privilege to meet and talk to two of the managing partners and the head of HR of Springstar and also to the managing director of Airbnb. It was amazing to see all these young, smart, passionate and yet simple guys who were very open and eager to share their experience and success and also failure stories with us. Where else could we get so valuable insights and advice if not from the passionate people working in such a cool company as Springstar? The informal and warm atmosphere in the office, their openness to discussion and the entrepreneurial spirit were powerful magnetic forces that were pushing us to stay there longer. Besides, one of the interesting and surprising things was that not only we MBA students had gathered information about Springstar and the people who we were going to meet, but they also seemed quite informed about us. At some point, one of our classmates even joked that it was becoming scary how much they knew about us. In the end, we left the office full of enthusiasm and passion, and I am sure, many of us will continue keeping contact with these wonderful people.


social impact club bergfest bar-b-q party fundraiser

even in the midst of an extremely busy module (counting down to summer break though – holler) the MBA class of 2012 managed to squeeze in some necessary time to play some ball, eat burgers and dogs, and get drunk together…all on a weeknight. impressive huh?

now i know what you’re thinking: were the burgers delicious?
answer: they were

but the real important thing was the energy and vibe of the bergfest. i didn’t mention yet that this bergfest was organized by the (kick-ass) social impact club in an effort to raise money for laptops for less fortunate people in Haiti, and for our consulting project in october, which will be along the lines of working with a social entrepreneur in an underdeveloped/developing country. so in an effort to get extra support for our initiatives, we invited the EMBA class as well as all staff and faculty. the turnout and vibe were great: people were smiling, having a great time, and even enjoying the unreasonably low temperatures of german summer. i even got to perform a couple of songs with our sole turkish student, the beautiful Gizem. and thanks to her wonderful singing, everyone who was there now has the fever.

in the end i think the most important thing we learned was that there is truth in the idea of getting people drunk before asking them to bid in an auction (suckers!!!), because we raised a solid amount of money and couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help and support. so, a special thanks to those who bid in the auction (warning: i’ll renege my thanks if you don’t pay up!) and for those who aren’t even a part of the social impact club and still worked their asses off for us (mba’s, emba’s, staff, and faculty). i think we were all feeling the love, and without that you’ve got nothing (that’s real learning ;))

that’s all from me.

much love,