Turn Off the Light to Keep the Future Bright


How many energy saving tips can you name right now? And how many of them can you start doing immediately and at no-cost?

I can help you: air dry dishes instead of using your dishwasher’s drying cycle, wash only full loads of clothes, check that windows and doors are closed when heating or cooling your home or office, take showers instead of baths, and of course turn things off when you are not in the room (lights, TVs, computers etc.).

Sounds simple, but do you really remember and follow these simple rules? Now we do!

Thanks to Angel, Kunal and Soledad – who brought one of the Social Impact Club initiatives into life – we have these nice and cute reminders in every study room.

Latino BergFest 2013 (Social Impact Club)

ESMT1Crossing the first hurdle (Module 1) was a relief and it was time to let the hair down. That’s when BergFest came in. BergFest is an occasional event, organized by MBA students, when students and staff of ESMT gather to have fun; fun includes music & dance, food & drinks. Social Impact Club took the initiative to organize 2013’s first BergFest. It was themed ‘Latin’.

The event began with a solo guitar performance (Javier) and dance tutorials (Natalia) in salsa.
Social Impact Club also called for donations and generous people opened their pockets.

Ajat was behind the camera.


Open Up Marketing

picture_1One of the last sessions of Introduction to Marketing course Professor Sumitro Banerjee devoted to simulation. Everyone acted as an executive for manufacturing company: finally we could take “the driver’s seat” after all classes and try our knowledge. I spent half of my weekend to get more points in simulation choosing different strategies and trying different concepts learnt in class.
I should guiltily admit that before starting marketing classes I was really sceptical about it: I never worked in this field and supposedly I will have no opportunity to do so, as I am completely in love with Finance:), I always thought that marketing is all about fun and advertising.

I am really happy that very practical teaching approach and case studies gave me opportunity to see the beauty of marketing, and I am now completely fascinated by tools and techniques, which help to measure efforts and performance of marketing teams and campaigns.
Simulation was a real moment to check how theory works and how strategy chosen from the very beginning can affect company performance.
At the moment I am already envying next year MBAs, as they will have very inspiring journey through marketing. I really hope it will be a spellbinding captivation as well.

The Last Blog – Rebel with a Cause

In the academic circle last lecture is a tradition, where the professor delivers his final lecture to his students, but as a student you can give a lecture, but nobody will listen. Hence, I decided to write my last blog entry of the year. As I began to think on what I should write (in MBA parlance it’s called reflection), only one thought came to my mind and it was about the people, who shared this journey with me.

As I began the journey in January, I knew I will meet a bunch of individuals who will have a different perspective than me. At the end of this journey in December, I can confidently say although there were different perspectives, there was always a converging point. As every journey has its ups and down so did this one, however when you are with people who go the extra mile for you, even the failures were not difficult to accept and move on. The journey was crazy, freaky and even sometimes scary, but it was never mundane and it was this way because of the few noble souls who shared this journey with me. George Washington once remarked “Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence.” and this year was the trial to find those rare few and I can proudly say that I found those rare gems.

As I now move on from the small world that we created as ESMT MBA 2011, there are bigger challenges and even greater opportunities and to both tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities, I know I have my friends by my side. Now what did I get out the journey, did I become wiser than I was before? No. Did I become a better person than I was? Maybe not, however what I did get out of this journey is a few friendships that will last a life-time and no one can better phrase it than the words of Albert Camus when he remarked “ Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” and I can proudly say this journey will continue as we walk forward continuously towards our goals as friends side by side. Finally, to conclude in a few words of what this year meant to me, it is okay to be a rebel, but find a cause worthy enough to rebel for. Carpe Diem.

(The last post)

ManU lines up in Singapore

Wrapping up Module 4, all groups were asked to prepare and deliver a short seminar over the internet (aka webinar).
The good part was that it was basically up to each group to decide on the topic for its own webinar, as long as that could be analyzed with the lenses of the elective courses that took place during the module. These included disciplines like strategic innovation and creativity, sustainable business, brands, or international finance.

A Financial Times news article about the Manchester United flotation in the Singapore stock exchange caught our attention. This was it: our opportunity to finally do something in the program about football!
So we did. During approximately 30 minutes, we looked at Manchester United FC from very different angles. How did this brand become one of the most valuable in the sports world? What does the club do to innovate and cater to new markets? What is there behind its IPO? And why the heck in Singapore?

In the picture below, the system is set up and ready to roll. Nishant “Bobby” Aurora just can’t hold it any longer. Let the show begin.