Turn Off the Light to Keep the Future Bright


How many energy saving tips can you name right now? And how many of them can you start doing immediately and at no-cost?

I can help you: air dry dishes instead of using your dishwasher’s drying cycle, wash only full loads of clothes, check that windows and doors are closed when heating or cooling your home or office, take showers instead of baths, and of course turn things off when you are not in the room (lights, TVs, computers etc.).

Sounds simple, but do you really remember and follow these simple rules? Now we do!

Thanks to Angel, Kunal and Soledad – who brought one of the Social Impact Club initiatives into life – we have these nice and cute reminders in every study room.

Lunch Discussion: Accenture Sustainability Services

AccentureRecently Social Impact Club had Lunch Discussion with representatives of Accenture Sustainability Services: Balkan Cetinkaya – Manager of Accenture Sustainability Services DACH Sustainable Supply Chain Lead, and Mihai Streza – Manager of Accenture Sustainability Services DACH Electric Vehicles Lead.

We could ask all questions we had about sustainability services offered by company, motivation of clients to be sustainable and how this can have impact on society and environment, can sustainability be measured and linked with profitability, and of course evaluation of current business approach towards being sustainable while facing economic crisis challenges.

And certainly Mr. Cetinkaya and Mr. Streza shared with us their vision of Accenture Sustainability services and how future MBA candidates can become part of it.

Latino BergFest 2013 (Social Impact Club)

ESMT1Crossing the first hurdle (Module 1) was a relief and it was time to let the hair down. That’s when BergFest came in. BergFest is an occasional event, organized by MBA students, when students and staff of ESMT gather to have fun; fun includes music & dance, food & drinks. Social Impact Club took the initiative to organize 2013’s first BergFest. It was themed ‘Latin’.

The event began with a solo guitar performance (Javier) and dance tutorials (Natalia) in salsa.
Social Impact Club also called for donations and generous people opened their pockets.

Ajat was behind the camera.


First “Lunch Discussion Table”

2013-02-22 12.20.51

Last month Social Impact Club organized first “Lunch Discussion Table”.

Virginie Bonnell invited Director and CEO, Ecologic Institute, Berlin Andreas Kraemer to present Institute and share his ideas on sustainable development with members of MBA 2013 class.

We started with a film „Tour through a Knowledge Garden – Ecologic in five minutes,“ then proceeded to current projects initiated and supported by Ecologic Institute.
We really hope, that all students will support this initiative, and we are all waiting for the next “Lunch Discussion Table”.