“Building a business isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.”

The work of an entrepreneur is never done. Since I started selling awesome paper wallets as BERLIN slim, I’ve realized that what I really signed up for is a never-ending list of tasks. Everything needs to get done yesterday.

After a brief honeymoon period, it dawned on me that if I didn’t start making money soon, I wasn’t going to make it. The pressure Beautiful slim paper wallets from BERLIN slimslowly began to mount. I found myself working longer and longer hours, in a vain effort to finish one more thing.

It sounds a lot worse than it is though. Honestly, I love it!

I want to share some of my observations on starting a business. I went in with a few misconceptions and my own personal blind spots. I hope to spare you from some of the problems I’ve had.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. I’m also going to explain some of the reasons why I think it’s a great adventure and why you might also want to inflict yourself with the same pain. Continue reading ““Building a business isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.””

Tida’s RLF in Nigeria: Immersing Myself in The Culture

In isiNdebele we say ukuhamba kuzala iNkosi which, loosely translated, means travelling bears a king. Metaphorically speaking, this means that travelling is an enriching experience. I’m going to share a bit of my experience in Nigeria with you all. Doing an RLF, for me, meant helping out at an organization in a developing country through the skills I’d gained at the ESMT, but also being moulded personally by the experience. I immersed myself in a culture different to my own, and came out a better person on the other side. Continue reading “Tida’s RLF in Nigeria: Immersing Myself in The Culture”

Tida’s RLF at AfriLabs, Nigeria (Part 1)

“Tida, don’t smile so much in Nigeria if you want to survive, o!”

“Never leave your food lying around – you could get poisoned!”

“Make sure to tone down your accent so that you don’t seem foreign!”

“Beware those smooth-talking Naija boys!”

“Shine your eye, o!”

This is the advice I got from friends and family on how to ‘survive’ my three months in Abuja, Nigeria. Almost everyone around me seemed worried when I chose to do my Responsible Leaders Fellowship (RLF) there – if you read some of the messages I got, you’d think I was heading out to a war zone! Especially for my Southern African family, my decision to go to Abuja instead of Cape Town (which would only be 2 hops away from home in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe) was beyond comprehension. Let’s just say Nigeria(ns) don’t have the best reputation in Zimbabwe and the image of Nigeria is mainly formed through Nollywood movies whose storylines often centre around witchcraft, cult-killings, drug cartels, kidnappings, love ‘hexagons’ and evil mother-in-laws. Oh, and the fact that my cousin eloped to Nigeria with a Nigerian guy some years back didn’t make matters better for me – mom’s suspicion levels were at maximum 😉

This was not going to be my first time in Nigeria, though, so I was really relaxed and excited about the opportunity – until the week before I left Berlin. Continue reading “Tida’s RLF at AfriLabs, Nigeria (Part 1)”

Internship Bound

So far ESMT has been nothing short of a thrill ride!

It seems like ages ago but I remember when the program started, I was all wide eyed and bushy tailed. Right now, it seems my tail has lost it fluff and my eyes now have depth due to all the short nights and long, long days. I have found myself in the ‘valley of despair’ few times during the first two modules of the program. However, the clouds parted after a while and the sun shone again. Continue reading “Internship Bound”

MIM @ ESMT – Module 2

An update

Amidst all the exams and assignments, I am writing this post because now with a more regular life here in Berlin my judgement would not be biased (and you will learn the significance of this word when you do as it might have been in my first post and also might help maintaining the continuity my first post.

This time of the year most of my class is busy applying for various internships and its tough to find one for a non-German speaker (so you might want to start early!). The career services at ESMT however have been quite useful in arranging some events which are helpful.

My overall experience in the first module was quite great in terms of the quality of professors and also in terms of the broad range of content that was covered during the class. Its quite surprising that in such a short time, we are equipped with a lot of techniques to analyse and make decisions based on data. I have learned various new modelling techniques and am quite impressed by the course content of some of the courses.

5 weeks into the second module, I cannot deny that its taking some time to get used to the work load again after quite a long winter break. Along with the regular work, the ghost of internship still looms. Continue reading “MIM @ ESMT — Module 2”